Bronx Shamrock Ladies 
Dart League

Winter 2018-2019

est 1991

The Scorekeeping Golden Rules!!!

1. Scorekeepers please do not talk while shooters are throwing.

2. Scorekeepers please remain still while keeping score.

3. Scorekeepers please do not look at the shooter, please face the board.

4. Scorekeepers please do not call out a score, unless asked by one of the shooters.

5. Scorekeepers please do not tell a shooter what to shoot or what combination to shoot for an out, you are supposed to remain impartial to the match you are scoring.

6. Scorekeepers please do not change a score unless it is brought to your attention by both of shooters, teams or the caller.

7. Scorekeepers you can not change a score if the next player has shot. Please make sure that the score is recorded accurately before moving on. 

 8. Scorekeepers please do not lean out to see where a dart is or is going or follow the darts with body or head movement. 

9. Scorekeepers please do not show any sign of disgust or excitement while at the scoreboard.

10. Scorekeepers if you are using any type of electronic equipment please note the away team has the right to ask you not to and you must comply. Please have the manual scorekeeping equipment available.

Score Sheet Golden Rules!!!

1) Both team captains please text the scores in. 

2) Captains please circle your signature on your score sheet.

3) Captains please put the bar names and date on the top of the score sheets I am terrible at guessing.

4) Captains please mark the win / loss section next to your players names. It makes entering games played much easier for the poor soul trying to decipher what you all have written down.